Let your dog save your lawn!


I’ve never lived in a house with a lawn – until now.
Paul and I moved into our new house a couple of days prior to Christmas. It has things we’ve never had in a house before – space, a pool and lawn. I’m not sure if Lilly-Monster and Scootersaurus like the lawn over the pool – but they seem to like sunbaking and rolling in grass and cooling off in the pool. After a while I noticed the patches of pee in the lawn. I never thought this would ever concern me – however they didn’t look very nice and so I got out a packet of Dog Rocks. I knew they worked and I knew you had a loyal following of satisfied and lawn proud customers. I am now one of those people. My lawn has been saved.” Thanks, Lisa – Urban Animal Magazine
I was skeptical at first if they would work… make no mistake about it, they work wonderfully!
I started using dog rocks this february after doing some research online on how to deal with the yellow patches of dead grass in my yard, from our female doberman. I was skeptical at first if they would work… make no mistake about it, they work wonderfully! I have been getting the word out to everyone I know, who is a pet owner, who likes having a pet and a nice yard at the same time. I bought 2 bags to start off with, and now, I’m planning on being a lifetime buyer. Just remember to follow the directions as describe on the bag, and teach your dog not remove the rock from its bowl.” Steve Stoneking Iowa – USA
CONGRATULATIONS… Dog Rocks are the best.
I have 4 dogs and have just recently replaced the grass because of all the burnt patches from the dogs wee. It only took about 2 weeks for the burns to start coming back again. I started using Dog Rocks and have not had any new burns to the grass. The grass is still lush and green. I will always use Dog Rocks. I also have a container of Dog Rocks water that I take with us when we go out so that our home grass is always kept protected. Great product, would
recommend to everyone whether you have 1 dog or more.” Sandra Henderson
I would recommend Dogrocks wholeheartedly.
 Our adopted Labrador strained the friendship when she left brown patches on our lawn and so we bought two packets of Dogrocks, for inside and out. I was sceptical but willing to try anything, and was rewarded by no further brown patches after five weeks. Thanks for the tip about old dog rocks deposited in watering cans for our pot plants.” Barbara, Mont Albert
I swear by them!! I would recommend to anyone
“I used Dog Rocks in my staffys water for months of Nov/Dec 07.  Now its the 17th Jan 08 and I am yet to replace my dog rocks, but have immediately noticed new burn patches, after 2 months of lovely green grass.” Kirsty Wood
He is very happy with the results of these rocks
 Brutus is a 3 ½ year old Boston Terrier who has been using the Dog Rocks since November 2006.  He is very happy with the results of these rocks and is looking forward to getting some more.  He is very proud that he hasn’t contributed to any burnt lawns, that it was all of the other dogs in the neighborhood.” Thanks, Shelley & Brutus, Canada
An amazing result
Our 10 year old Tibetan Terrier, Tashi, is a much loved female dog whose toilet habits meant that a section of our lawn would never grew.
I started using “Dog Rocks” 6 months ago (in both her indoor and outdoor water bowls) and gradually that section of lawn has regrown – an amazing result.” Pamela, Canterbury
Congratulations Dog Rocks! U Have Won Us!
 Dear Dog Rocks we have a much loved member of the Family, A six year old pug name Percy.  But, as we renovated the back garden and put new turf in before Christmas.  We were terribly worried about his urine buring the new grass. So I purchased some Dog Rocks and we have no burn patches on our new turf!!” Susy Mathney, Glen Iris
Our lawn is now healthy and green
We had to replace our backyard’s lawn last December due to burn marks from our two Dalmatians – since then we have used Dog Rocks with great success – our lawn is now healthy and green!!” Anna & Jason Wright, Port Kennedy – Western Australia.
My husband’s lawn no longer has the brown dead spots
 My husband was very sceptical about the new Dog Rocks and I was a little worried because it had been working but it now seemed it wasn’t. It was than I realised our  puppy was now spending time both inside and out and although I had a dog rock in his inside bowl I had forgotten about the outside bowl! Guess what, my husband’s lawn no longer has the brown dead spots and he is now a believer.” Kylee Elkington
Dog Rocks are the way to go
Dear Dog Rocks, We tried everything and nothing has worked on our lawn like Dog Rocks. It has never looked better. Dog Rocks are the way to go.” Sarah Vizard, Toorak
we have seen a huge difference in our lawn
My two Jack Russell’s have always left the trademarks in our small backyard. After using Dog Rocks, we have seen a huge difference in our lawn and highly recommend ‘Dog Rocks’ to anyone. It really works!!” Linda from Bizworks
our lawn has never been greener
We have two large German Shepherd dogs, one male one female, and have NEVER been able to maintain a decent lawn. Since using your Dog Rocks our lawn has never been greener without the usual yellow dead patches. We have tried every available product in the past and this is the only one that has ever worked.” Sandy Meckiff, Beaumaris Australia
 now we have luscious green lawn with no yellow patches
 It’s not until the Dog Rocks wear off that you really notice how wonderful this product is in maintaining green grass without those unsightly yellow patches. As our garden has no tree trunks for Sam our male cocker spaniel to cock his leg, our lawn was burnt by his urine until I was introduced to Dog Rocks – now we have luscious green lawn with no yellow patches – fabulous! The mineral properties in Dog Rocks have saved our lawn from unsightly yellow patches resulting from dog urine. I am absolutely thrilled with the results. What an amazing product – it really does eliminate the yellow patches dogs create when they squat in our suburban back garden.” Liz Bostock, Malvern Australia
I have 2 puppies at home now
and bought some of your product, it is working well, we are finding the grass is actually growing better where the dogs go to the toilet now !! my only problem is one of the puppies loves to stick her head under the water and find the rock and remove it from the water bowl… so we have to hunt the backyard… and put it back” Sandy Toland, Melbourne, Australia
I just wanted to let you know how great my lawn is looking now
Molly (my Jack Russell) is on Dog Rocks. Our back garden was looking very patchy due to the dog urinating on the grass, but after 3 weeks I could notice a real difference…lots of new growth and no more burn patches. I’m sure with Spring around the corner we will be able to enjoy our garden once again.” Meredith Kelly, Hawthorn
I have been using the Dog Rocks for many years now and found them to work wonderfully.
It was recommended to me by a pet shop owner when I said that the rocks weren’t working as I had expected them to and he told me that the water I was using to top up was diluting the rocks efficacy. Needless to say I have a spare bucket with rocks in that I use to always top up drinking bowls. Kind regards, Kerrie

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