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Friends of Dog Rocks

Evergreen Turf

Here at Dog Rocks® we have contacted Evergreen Turf who advised us that there are certain types of lawns that are recommend for people with dogs. These lawns combine with the usage of Dog Rocks® will better handle the daily usage of your dog.

Sir Walter Premium Lawn Turf

Sir Walter is the premium choice in turf for the Australian lifestyle and climate. When you weigh up the initial investment for genuine Sir Walter superior quality soft buffalo grass with the cost of spraying, fertilising and treating cheaper turf over the long haul – there’s simply no comparison. And did we mention the added benefits of bred-in drought and shade tolerance, along with weed and disease resistance? Add to this Sir Walter’s speedy establishment rate and its self-repairing nature and you’ll find you just can’t go past Sir Walter turf.

Lawn Green Lawn Care

Guaranteed – No More Weeds! Our weed-free success is achieved by using a granular fertilizer product that is coated with herbicide. The fertiliser naturally greens the lawn and the herbicide stops weed seeds from germinating. This service is great for kikuyu, couch, durban and even all buffalo lawns (inc Sir Walter Buffalo and Palmetto Buffalo).

Urine Free

UrineFREE™ is an Australia-made, high quality bio-enzymatic product that will remove all urine odours and stains whether dog urine, cat urine, other pet urine and even household urine.  UrineFREE™ will remove urine in carpets, fabric, wood floors, cement, tiles, porcelain and more. UrineFREE™ – the only urine remover you’ll ever need.

The Pet Directory

The Pet Directory is known as the “Who’s Who” of the Pet Industry. The Pet Directory is a print and web publication. They provide a directory of pet related products and services for the pet industry and the pet owning public. They offer Free pet products and samples from pet companies.

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